It will be Easy when

Learning and Teaching

are incentivised


Incentivised HOW?



    At UETH we sponsor your education by reimbursing each class you take. We will provide the most intuitive learning environment for everything Ethereum.


    We believe attendance and showing your work is just as important. Thus the need to standardize self learning with effective comprehension tools to log your time and efforts. Show your prowess as an Ethereum aficionado!


    If you can’t explain concepts simply, then you just don’t understand! Earn accolades and accreditation as you complete courses.


    UETH is an ever expanding portfolio of opportunities and resources. Your hard work will open doors to leading industry jobs, funding, and the most forward engaging community in Ethereum.

Welcome to

De University of Ethereum

We are a collaborative learning community focused on promoting the learning, research, discussion, and advancement of the Ethereum network.

Our goal is to cultivate future leaders in our ecosystem by providing its students with the most intuitive learning experience and equipping them with successful tools to tackle uncharted space confidently.

Our community welcomes anyone from anywhere! We hope to become the backbone of Ethereum technology and its application.

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