UETH Projects

Our goal is to nurture current and existing projects that leverages blockchain to impact real world issues.


If you have other questions, please email lead@ueth.org.

    Sample Projects

    • Blockchain bonds to fund firetruck purchases for a city

      Blockchain technology reduces costs of issuing minibonds, making it a cost-effective method to allow residents to invest as little as $25 in improving their city.
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    • NFT project is building a decentralized coffee company and aiming to disrupt supply chain financing

      Making Coffee made a strategic partnership with El Salvador to use blockchain to connect all the humans in the supply chain process to create a new kind of Web3 coffee brand.
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    • DAO provides community and funding to longevity scientists.

      VitaDAO is a community owned collective funding early stage longevity research, tackling aging with the power of a global community.
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